Music study in Australia. What should you choose?

Music study in Australia. What should you choose?

With many different stars coming directly out of Australia, all with varying influence all around the world, it is hard to decide what sound you may be going for.


In indigenous Australian cultures, and unbroken traditions music and song are an inseparable concept. They use music in their everyday life as well as in celebrations of any kind.


More recently this kind of music has shaped what the world sees as authentic Australian music. It allows for the history of the country to be communicated in a way that everyone can’t understand, through music.

Some events that you should definitely put onto your to-do list are;
Boomerang Festival
• Garma festival
• Homeground

Folk, bush and country music.

Folk music, which is most often handed down in oral form has existed in Australia for what seems like forever. Many different communities have clubs celebrating this type of music. This is probably one of the most popular for festivals too, so you are sure to have loads of fun.
Bush and country music has found a way to merge the sounds and traditions of cultures from all over in a way to tell stories through music.

Events to pay attention to
Port fairy folk festival
• Woodford folk festival

Contemporary Popular Music

This almost limitless number of genres opens you up to a world of possibilities, you are able to enter into any genre from these studies, you can learn the basics and then specialise or choose to specialise from the beginning if you have already heard what your musical notes should be, from there you can enter into and learn about the different subcategories. Australia is well known for its contribution of this music to the world.

Festivals to watch out for
• Good vibrations
• Soundwave

World, roots and blues music

These are music styles rooted in a particular tradition or place. They may be sung in many different types of languages or be translated into others but the sound of this music will always stand out from the rest.

Take a look at these festivals
o Bluesfest
o Womadelaide

Jazz music

Although it comes from African America, it is known as an art form that bridges the gap between art and popular music. Most of then players will improvise the tunes they are playing which will almost always result in a beautiful medley that will talk to your soul.

Check out these festivals
• Jazz Australia

Classical and Art music

Many Australian essays have noted the diversity in Australian music, there is a fullness about the music that comes from here, it uses all genres and styles but is also deeply embedded with tradition. IT is no surprise when people wish to study music in Australia, they have no idea what they should choose.

The musical and traditional culture of Australian music shows in this form of music, there are professional orchestras in every capital and many professional opera companies. It comes from European history and consists of specific notes and with the use of specific instruments.

With all the rich and fulfilling music opportunities that Australia has to choose from, we hope these short summaries have assisted you in finding your desired and dreamed of a field of study. Whether it be an instrument, teaching, or producing, the first thing you need to decide is which genre you will be headed for.